French touch

Fall in love with Antique Enamelware

WIND & WHISPER enamelware,  a new style, a new way of life with its enamelware unique and sensational collection of Enamel Tablewares marked by superior and exclusive quality with refined and magnificent craftsmanship.

Fall in love with the distinctive motifs and significant colors of our French touch Enamel Tableware sets . Our vibrant Enamelware assortment stirs the senses and sets an enjoyable mood during any social gathering. It reminds you of distant horizons and creates an atmosphere that mirrors your social status and inner being.

It is an invitation to  travel  towards distant horizons whilst reminiscing the past.

The craftsmanship is emotional rather than mechanical, meaning that each piece is unique.
These collections of tableware  will evoke sensations Enamel Tableware sets collection , Enamelware antique classic assortment and  stir the senses during any social gathering, set the table, set the mood and enjoy.

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